Elephant Parade

Target Audience

Art Lovers
Wildlife Lovers
General Population

Event Location

Mumbai, India

Integrated Solution

India’s Largest Public Art Display
One-Of-Its-Kind Plinth-Base Display

Harnessing the power of art to raise awareness through beauty. A cultural event which echoed across the country.

The Elephant Parade was a global exhibition of art, curated and especially designed to raise awareness on the dwindling population of the Asian elephant.

Having travelled to over 24 countries, it arrived in Mumbai for a three-week-long stay. Fashion designers, architects, fine artists, and tribal, folk and street artists transformed 101 white elephant sculptures into evocative installations, placed along the streets of Mumbai.

Marrying wildlife conservation efforts and the influence of art to usher change, the elephants successfully created an atmosphere of excitement and garnered extensive public attention to the cause.

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