India Bike Week Iconic 5

Target Audience

Biking Enthusiasts

Event Location

Goa, Pondicherry, Chikhaldara, Daman & Cherrapunji

Integrated Solution

Discovery of Iconic Routes
Community Building
Enthusiasts Outreach

Taking the India Bike Week madness to the brotherhood ahead of the brotherhood’s journey to India Bike Week.

IBW Iconic 5 was a celebration of India Bike Week’s fifth year. The objective being: to reach out to bikers across the country and take a slice of the IBW madness to them. Four unique destinations accessible only via road were identified, with the fifth one being the big the two-day festival in Goa. Pondicherry, Chikhaldara, Daman, Cherrapunji saw the IBW flag rise high with bikers riding in from all surrounding areas to be a part of the festivities.

Iconic 5 engaged with those who had only seen festival pictures and made them feel a part of the IBW brotherhood with free goodies and talks by legendary motorists and experts in motorcycle maintenance.

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