MG Gloster Virtual Launch

Target Audience

Auto Enthusiasts

Event Location

Gurugram, India

Integrated Solution

Balarka Arm Crane
Low Loader Driving Platform
Unique Storytelling Format
CGI & Animation

A Top Gear-style storytelling format to cut through the clutter of clichéd virtual launches with neon graphics.

For the launch of the MG Gloster – #TheSelflessCar, the team decided to move away from the monotonous format of virtual launches, and crafted a refreshingly new launch format. The video was scripted to give viewers an experience of watching their favourite car show instead of presenting just another boring virtual launch overflowing with feature list abbreviations in neon fonts. The Top Gear-esque video was hosted by MG Motor India representatives MD Rajeev Chaba and Gaurav Gupta, the CCO of the company.

In the first phase of the conceptualisation, the bulk of the timeline went in storyboarding, scripting and conceiving the visual treatment, scenarios, chroma keying, and planning the digital assets. While in the post-production, the edit team used digital graphics and animation to bring alive the vehicle’s features. The result was a hugely successful launch campaign with massive interest in the product.

A show of this caliber necessitated the usage of advanced production techniques. In addition to the usage of drones for aerial footage, the production crew used low loaders for synchronised driving footage of the cars as well as the one-of-a-kind, heavy-duty video production crane, a Balarka Arm for high-speed ‘money shots’ and Arri Alexa cameras to shoot.

The entire campaign, from concept to completion, was produced in a short span of 18 days. This included the strenuous task of scouting for locations and finding the perfect stretch of tarmac as well as the off-roading trails for the shoot.

A careful sync was established between the graphic design team and the on-ground production crew; this ensured that the graphic designers would design the exact data format that’s required to be displayed on screen, while the video production crew made sure that the right set of scenes are captured for the designers can superimpose their graphics. The result for a highly appreciated and uber successful launch campaign for MG’s flagship SUV.

MG Gloster Virtual Launch
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