Design One Exhibition

Target Audience

VVIPs & Socialites

Event Location

Mumbai, India

Integrated Solution

Design & Production
Thematic Décor
Integrated Registration
Exhibition Setup

Celebrating the art of design with altruistic flair. Showcases that raised the bar of retail luxury in India.

The flagship event of the Sahachari Foundation’s fund-raising initiatives, the Design One exhibition is held at premium venues across India through the year. It features a curated list of couture, jewellery, accessories, foot wear, home décor, stationery and packaging exclusively crafted by India’s top designers.

Created and executed to be the premiere shopping destination for luxury merchandize, Design One provides a unique platform to participating designers to showcase their creative talents and expand their client-base. In turn, its proceeds help fund the Sahachari Foundation’s altruistic efforts across education, healthcare, socio-economic upliftment, and the promotion of fine arts.

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