Harley-Davidson Pavilion

Target Audience

Auto Industry bigwigs
General Visitors of Auto Expo

Event Location

Delhi, India

Integrated Solution

VIP Meeting Rooms
Performance and Display Stages
Life-size AV screens

Recreating the rugged allure of the Wild West to imprint the image of an iconic legacy. A pavilion that elevated the art of experiential branding.

Harley-Davidson’s journey to the acclaimed Delhi Auto Expo in 2012 brought to life its iconic rugged aesthetic rooted in adventure and brotherhood. Drawing inspiration from the brand’s American rebel ethos, the pavilion was designed along the theme of ‘A Warehouse in the Wild West’

White formica walls set the stage for a set that featured rusted corrugated iron sheets, unpolished wood, brutalist style exposed wiring, metal girders, grids and bricks – all to reflect the ubiquitous American saloon frequented by the riders of the Harley Owners Group (HOG). The pavilion contained designated areas for a café, VIP meeting rooms, performance and display stages, life-size AV screens, and uninterrupted views of the bikes on display.

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